La Gigante Green Olive 590gr



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La Gigante Green Olives Bella di Cerignola

Bella della Daunia DOP

According to some authorities, the growing of "Bella di Cerignola" olives was brought to Italy around the year 1400 and spread to the countryside around Cerignola and the surrounding districts in the vast plain known as the “Tavoliere delle Puglie” of which the variety is currently considered to all intents as native. On average, the olive groves are at a height of about 100-150 metres above sea level.
Nowadays this olive, awarded Protected Designation of Origin status in September 2000, is one of the genuine ingredients of the Mediterranean diet. Its delicious flavour, the fact that cooking is not required and its good keeping qualities make this table olive ideal in many quick, easily digestible recipes, ranging from snacks and aperitifs to main dishes and cooked and uncooked sauces, as well as to accompany meat and cheese.
This olive also has medicinal properties: the mono-unsaturated fatty acids it contains are considered to play a major role in the prevention of arteriosclerosis.
"La Gigante" di Casa Rinaldi olives are famous for their large size, attractive appearance, plentiful, firm flesh, resistance to handling and keeping properties. They are generally used green, although recently the strong demand from consumers has also led to the production of black olives.