About us

As the representative of the Rinaldi family products in Singapore, Gustoso are proud to be able to share the Rinaldi family’s traditional values with you.

The Rinaldi family has proudly continued with their traditional and prestigious way of making balsamic vinegar since 1979 with casks sets dating back to sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

In 1990, Casa Rinaldi traditional balsamic vinegar was awarded the Trofeo del Ventennale, the highest prize in the sector and, with the Migliore del Migliori diploma, has carried the title of world champion to 2010.

After having won over the Italian home market with its special flavours, Rinaldi family is now turning to the international scene which is proving very receptive especially due to the company’s large range of products and the care and attention shown to its customers.

On behalf of the Rinaldi family, Gustoso would like to extend this invitation to your company. Join the Rinaldi family in showing the level of care and attention to all your customers by sharing the premium products offered by the Rinaldi family.

We look forward to sharing the traditional values and products with you.