Aceto ( Vineger ) IGP Mosto Sacro CR 250ml



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Aceto (Vinegar) Balsamico di Modena IGP "Mosto Sacro"


Mosto Sacro

Zone of origin: made from the must of grapes grown in the Emilia Romagna region.

Ageing: in oak casks

Sensory Characteristics:
Colour:gleaming dark brown.
Density:ideal for use pure or as an ingredient in blends.
Fragrance:pleasant and pungent.
Flavour:sweet and sour.

Use:pure with chocolate or as a topping or seasoning for ice-creams, raw meat, fish, cheese and salad, pouring on a few drops or mixing with extra virgin olive oil.

Mosto sacro is a versatile, easy to use product. Its attractive, sophisticated image makes it simple to present and the perfect companion to Casa Rinaldi “Solo Polpa” Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in the 500 ml bottle.